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The truth about personal firewalls

There are several ways to protect your computer against malicious software, such as software firewall protection, viruses and rootkits activity detection. All this protection software based on some well-known techniques, that are used almost without improvements and how you might already know, implementation of those security products is not perfect. It’s awful, usually. The companies that truly thinks that their products are the most advanced, they include newest features, that are “must have” for users, but if you take a look under the cover, look inside, you will see, that there are more bugs and failures than in your school project. The main idea is to make a product the first one – it’s a good strong advertisement. And yeah, heavy advertisement combined with faked tests that can demonstrate for a user the “power” of some product can result in a strong feeling like “Yeah, I really need it”. Bullshit.

It’s a good idea – protect your PC against attacks from outside of your machine, and from strangers inside. Some heuristic ways to protect your PC from trojans and spyware is good and they are really work. It’s pretty nice idea to pay 30-50$ per every-second-protection and updates, if it’s working. But actually, it doesn’t.

First of all, I wanted to apologize for my awful English. And our talking will be about such products:

ZoneAlarm Firewall 6.x
Outpost Firewall 3.x and 4.x
Look'n'Stop Firewall 2.0
Kerio Firewall 4.3
Sygate Firewall 5.6


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